Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some fun

1. March is National Women's History month. Talk about a historical woman you admire or maybe just a woman in your life.- I really admire my sister because she is one of the strongest and most creative people I know :)

2. Blog about one of these "special" days:
- March 14th - National Potato Chip Day
- March 15th - Dumbstruck Day
- March 16th - Everything You do is Right Day
- March 17th - Submarine Day
- March 18th - Goddess of Fertility Day
- March 19th - National Quilting Day
- March 20th - Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

I don't think I've actually heard about any of these days... The Goddess of Fertility Day should rightfully be Easter, or for us Pagans Eostre or Ostara... look it up if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

3. Saint Patrick's Day is this week as well! Do you do anything fun to celebrate? Do you wear green? Have you made any fun crafts? Why do you feel lucky right now? I really don't celebrate it- it wasn't snakes St. Patrick drove from Ireland, it was witches.

4. If you were only allowed to use a) all patterned paper or b) all cardstock which would you choose? If you could only ever use three types of embellishments what would they be? I think I would choose cardstock because you can paint it and stamp it all you want & make your won patterned paper. As for embellishments, I think that I would stick with chipboard, stickers & flowers. Those are mostly what I use anyhow.

5. Write about your creative process. What part of scrapping do you start with first: the photos? the paper? the journaling? Where do you usually get stuck? My creative process usually starts with the pictures. I choose the paper to match the colors in the photographs and any journaling I do usually comes last because sometimes I feel the pictures say enough.

6. Do you tend to scrap only the happy things in your life or do you try to portray a more balanced picture on your pages? How do you feel about reading personal stories on scrapbook pages? I will scrap pretty much anything. Of course, I prefer the more personal & happy stuff, but we have pages about messy rooms, people being goofy, any of that. It's part of life and I am capturing it. In fact, I even scrap about special objects- I just finished a page about a teddy bear.


Chrissy on March 19, 2011 at 9:22 PM said...

I must agree with you about having only cardstock. You can make your own patterned papers! My go-to embellishments are usually die cut, stickers and pop dots, and floral. I would like to start using my stamps more often though.