Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No new sketch today

I have been so busy runnning hither and yon that I can't even think straight! Right now, I have had absolutely ZERO time to be creative.... and I need to make dinner soon (though nobody is biting at my ankles to get it done, so I'm guessing nobody has had any horrible hunger pangs yet).

I have also been working on taking my Photography site and converting it to a blog, which will be thousands of times easier for me to update. If anyone wants to check it out... (Big shameless bit of self-promotion coming...) it is at I can't hyperlink it (HA!) because I'm using this handy-dandy quick-blog form thinggy on my iGoogle page, so just cut and paste the address into your browser. What? You think I wouldn't make you work for it? Anyhow, I have a few more photos that I want to get uploaded, so check back often. I plan on having plenty of content on there to see... eventually. :)