Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Book of Weird

You may have noticed that every once in a while, I will post a layout that is a little odd. A layout of places and things that are a little off the beaten path. This is because our family has always been fascinated with strange & unusual. We enjoy visiting these places that have a bit of weird to them, or they may even be creepy to most. Two Christmases ago, my sister gave us a book called "Weird Washington" (because she knows that we are like this...) 

We decided that rather than just visiting these weird places, we would document them and put them in our own album, hence "The Book of Weird." Since then, we have made it a goal to visit as many of these places as we can, and are even adding some of our own that weren't in that book. 

Unfortunately, there is quite a unique challenge to undertaking this... there are very few paper manufacturers that cater to the strange and unusual. You certainly wouldn't have papers with cute little fluffy bunnies for a page about the site of the worst train wreck in United States history. I have been so stumped as to what to do with some of these pages that I was about to give up and just use plain cardstock just to get them done and over with, when it hit me- I do know a company that has some unusual designs: Sassafras!

This epiphany set off a whirlwind of scrapping and I was able to get three of the most difficult pages done! So, I thought I'd share. I'll post links that tell about these sites, so if you are interested, you can check them out as well :)

(On this layout, I also used some paper from Die Cuts With a View & a Sticker from 7Gypsies- the rest is all Sassafras!)

The Gum Wall (Yes, it's both attracting yet repulsive...)

I'll post more of these as I get them done. The spring & summer are prime times to get out and sight-see, so I'm sure you'll see lots more :) If you're interested in getting your own Book of Weird going, visit Roadside America for ideas near you !