Monday, November 23, 2009

It's time to share!

Just thought I would pass on this awesome video that was on the BoBunny blog for making some absolutely fantastic paper roses!
You can find it on their blog, or at YouTube here:

Also, I have a day of rest & relaxation, so I think I may be posting a bonus sketch or two and some layouts today... Stay tuned to see.

And, inspired about the "10 things your___________" won't tell you" feature in Reader's Digest, here's some friendly advice (or they could be very helpful tips) from your favorite photographer:

-If you book an appointment on the weekend, please do not show up and expect three outfit changes on a two-year old unless you have previously discussed it with me. Not only will we be able to take the amount of time you want us to take to get the portraits you want, but it will stress out your toddler (same goes with infants, except they can't run away from us).

-If you are going to be more than 2 minutes late, please call us so we can reschedule you into the next open slot. When you show up any later than that, usually you have given up your appointment slot and then we have to "squeeze you in" between other appointments, which can make us run late for the guests that were on time for their sessions.

-Please schedule your appointments around your child's schedule, not yours. So many parents book their sessions right before nap time, which, if we are running even a little behind on our appointments, can make the difference between nice & smiley or grumpy & crying. If you want them to eat before their session, it's ok to feed them right before you come and then come a little earlier and get them ready at the studio. Also, if your child is starting to get sick, please reschedule. They will usually be in a better mood.

-If we are running behind on your appointment, it might not be our fault (see previous 3 entries). We are trying to please every customer that comes through our doors, and sometimes, it may take just a little longer.

-If something displeases you about your experience at our studio, please make sure you tell us! If we don't know that you weren't happy, we can't fix it. Yes, these photographs are a personal thing, but if you don't like something about them, we won't be offended. After all, they are for your walls, not ours.

-Even if you can't afford everything that was photographed for you or that we have to offer, please let us at least show you, chances are that anything you see will be available to order later as well, but we want to make sure you know we have it!
If you have something in mind that you want us to photograph for you, please let us know at the beginning of the session. Some of our favorite customers have lists of what they had in mind so we can capture their personal style! Likewise, if you have any prop ideas, ask us what we have in our studio so if you need to bring something with you, you know ahead of time.

-Don't expect to come to our studio and just get "School portraits". We will try to get what you are wanting first, but we are also artists, so we will also take some creative shots as well.
Please ask about bringing pets ahead of times. Some photographer have no problem with them, even set aside specific times to photograph them, but others are restricted by location or allergy issues. We know you love your little pooch, but we can't always accommodate them.

-And lastly, during your session, please listen to and trust your photographer. Some of the best portraits have been ruined by children getting distracted by their parents, or parents grabbing our props and throwing them into the portraits when they don't belong ("Here, little Suzi, hold this basketball while you're in your formal Christmas Dress!). If we need your help capturing what we want to get, we will direct you in the best way to get it. You are our #1 assistant when taking those portraits and you can be assured that we will try our best to get what you want out of them.

Does that sound like a rant? I hope not. Just a few observations from the front lines.


Lisa Howard on November 24, 2009 at 7:54 AM said...

Doesn't sound like a rant at all...just great advice! Thanks for sharing.